REVIVE™ Triage EV Battery Triage Response

REVIVE™ Triage: EV Battery Triage Response

Our highly mobile REVIVE Triage test trailers bring diagnostic equipment directly to the vehicle or battery pack. Through non-invasive testing, we can safely identify electrical faults and failed modules at a cellular level.

While most electrical faults can be fixed at the roadside, we can also transport faulty modules or cells to an Autocraft REVIVE EV Battery Service Centre for full repair, if necessary. REVIVE Triage ensures that any damaged packs are made safe for onward transport, with the most severely damaged or non-communicative packs being sent for full repair by  Autocraft.

REVIVE Triage features:

  • Highly mobile between locations
  • On-grid requirement (3-phase power required)
  • Tests EV packs to establish module State of Health (SoH)
  • Initial analysis, identifies ‘Diagnosis Trouble Codes’ (DTC)
  • Repair of wiring harness and connection faults
  • Out-of-Vehicle Software Reflashing
  • Up to 90kW, 1000Volts and 125Amps capability
  • Safety controls to fully protect technicians
  • Transportation of the battery pack back to an Autocraft REVIVE Mobile EV Battery Repair Centre or REVIVE Workshop in the case of modular faults