Part of the Autocraft Solutions Group and headquartered at our 52,000 sqm Grantham facility, Autocraft Drivetrain Solutions is Europe’s largest independent engine remanufacturer and assembler, supplying OE manufacturers such as Ford, Jaguar Land Rover, Volvo, Aston Martin, PSA, JCB and many more.

We remanufacture a range of gasoline and diesel engines, in 3 to 6 cylinder inline and V6 to V12 configurations for automotive and off-highway applications, and supply direct into the dealer network.

Since the company was formed in the 1970s (formerly South Lincs Engineering, Autocraft Industries and ATC Drivetrain), Autocraft has grown to be a leading provider of engine related manufacturing and engineering services, including the assembly and modification of new engines for special and niche engine applications. With a capacity of 24,000 engines each year, 75% of our engines are exported outside of the UK to the global market.

Autocraft is a pioneer of PTWA/RSW Plasma Spray technology, and cylinder head and block machining. Over £6m has been invested in the facility ensuring we have the latest technology and processes to further enhance our class-leading market offering.

We are committed to developing new technologies for engine reclamation and environmental sustainability, and we continue to re-invest our profits into finding new ways to further improve quality, material recovery and customer service. Autocraft offers a complete engine assembly and remanufacturing service including feasibility studies, defining the reman specification, ongoing product development, engine validation and warranty.

Autocraft works in partnership with the OEMs when they design new engines with end-of-life “Design for Reman” in mind. We assist the engine designers by transferring our knowledge of historical engine failures to improve their product quality. The experience we gain during the design and serial production phases allows us to develop remanufacturing solutions for our customers that make our reman engines better than new!

As a remanufacturer, reusing materials is in our DNA. Autocraft recovers up to 85% of the core engine, through innovative methods of reclaiming parts from the core such as PTWA/RSW and remachining of the “5 Cs” (cylinder block, cylinder head, crankshaft, con rods and cam shaft). We operate world leading salvage techniques delivering lowest possible direct material costs.