Who are Autocraft EV Solutions?

Part of Autocraft Solutions Group, Autocraft EV Solutions works with OEMs to unlock the environmental and performance potential of EVs.

Through our world-class testing capability, we can pinpoint battery faults at a cellular level, even before they’ve occurred. Building on decades of automotive remanufacturing and repair, Autocraft EV Solutions incorporate unique component recovery techniques and ‘no-fault-forward’ augmented reality-based repair processes to provide an exceptionally high quality, efficient, and cost-effective EV servicing solution for OEMs.

By proactively addressing the causes of faults with exceptional accuracy, we reduce OEMs’ exposure to warranty costs and reputational risk at minimal environmental cost.

Our unique approach to restoring and maintaining optimal EV performance is substantially more environmentally friendly than prematurely recycling a battery pack or producing a new one. This approach provides manufacturers with the most direct route to minimising their environmental footprint on the path to net zero.

We view ourselves as part of the solution and a force for positive change within automotive. We are motivated by a profound concern for the future of the planet, something that is at the heart of everything we do.


“Our vision is to help the automotive industry transition to net zero by unlocking the full performance and environmental potential of EV.”


“Through our world-class testing and sustainable EV battery repair and servicing capability, we can address faults with unparalleled accuracy. This allows us to maximise vehicle performance and longevity with only a fraction of the environmental impact.”


Why work with Autocraft EV Solutions?

  • World leading battery testing and diagnostic precision – Through our unique dynamic testing method, developed in close collaboration with world-leading academic partners, we have the most advanced testing capability on the market. This allows us to carry out testing on an industrial scale to identify battery issues – even before they have occurred – with greater accuracy and speed than ever before.
  • Recycling is good, repairing is better – Our capability in EV battery testing and repair allows us to extract every last bit of value from EVs. We can pinpoint and replace faulty modules with remanufactured ones, throughout a vehicle’s lifespan to optimise performance and maximise longevity. This approach is the best way to unlock the performance and environmental potential of EVs, offsetting the environmental cost of producing them. It is also substantially more environmentally friendly than replacing faulty modules with new ones or recycling, which should only be considered once all other avenues to repair and service have been exhausted.

Autocraft technician lifting faulty module out of EV battery pack for repair

  • Fault-free performance – Building on our 40 years of experience in automotive remanufacturing and repair, we have employed unique component recovery techniques and ‘no-fault-forward’ augmented reality repair processes to provide best-in-class, low-cost solutions for OEMs’ EV servicing requirements.
  • Localised solution, global scale – Our REVIVE® Mobile offer allows us to position ourselves close to wherever there is demand, an approach that is highly sustainable, cost-effective, and time-efficient. We offer a comprehensive range of testing and repair services, depending on the location and severity of faults, and customer scale requirements. This makes us the ideal partner for your electrification journey.
  • A trusted partner – Our parent company, Autocraft Solutions Group, has a proven track record of working with OEMs over several decades. We understand the importance of trust and view this as integral to shared long-term success.