Autocraft EV Solutions is a technology leader in the triage, repair and remanufacture of failed battery packs and e-motors (EDUs, ERAD). Building on our 40 years of experience in the remanufacturing of engines and transmissions, we have applied our component recovery techniques and ‘no-fault-forward’ augmented reality assembly processes to provide an extremely efficient and low-cost solution for OEMs requiring service and aftermarket EV components.

Our unique REVIVE (TM) systems for EV batteries and e-motors combines diagnostics, repair and optimisation to extend the life of the component.  With scarcity of raw materials in the future, the ability to repair or remanufacture failed components with like-for-like parts is more important than ever.

We collaborate with a number of vehicle manufacturers, universities and other EV battery technology leaders to ensure we stay ahead of the curve. We are in a number of circular economy consortiums driving the development of tomorrow’s EV technology.

Autocraft Solutions Group provides electric vehicle (EV) battery, powertrain and engineering solutions to a global market. Our EV Solutions division in Grantham, Lincolnshire provides EV battery remanufacturing and new battery assembly, with capacity of up to 2,000 vehicle sets per year. As with our remanufactured engines, we work closely with our OEM partners at the EV battery design stage using “design for remanufacture” techniques, to ensure packs can be easily serviced.

Assembly of new packs, remanufacturing of failed modules and full testing and warranty is available from Autocraft’s EV Battery Service Centre in Grantham where we offer our unique ‘5R’ programme:



This is a complete supply solution for new or used EV battery requirements, and provides global EV battery repair solutions for OEMs.

Battery packs can be collected from the customer or the customer can deliver to our REVIVE MOBILE or REVIVE WORKSHOP EV Battery Service Centres. Even the safe recovery of damaged (red) packs can be achieved via our REVIVE TRIAGE Response Units. Faulty cells are located during our rigorous REVIVE testing and the affected modules are fully discharged and safely disassembled by highly trained EV engineers.

Modules are matched and replaced with repaired or remanufactured modules and the whole battery pack is re-tested. Modules dropping below the Automotive State-of-Health (SOH) standards are assessed and where applicable, sent to our 2nd life reuse partners for inclusion in non-automotive applications. Battery cells that cannot be reused are safely decommissioned and sent to our recycling partners.



Because Autocraft started assembling new, niche volume EV battery packs in 2006, we had at least a 10-year head start on many other companies on learning how to assemble packs. This means that today Autocraft is a leader in niche volume EV battery assembly. We’re an ideal partner for smaller car manufacturers who want to offer an Electric or Hybrid option, without the expense and learning curve of setting themselves up as a battery pack manufacturer. We plan to build a new EV battery manufacturing and service facility in the UK to enable us to build over 20,000 EV battery packs per annum from 2024, as well as the 5R solution for EV batteries and the remanufacture of other EV components such as electric drive units.

Autocraft is uniquely placed for a very bright future as the world transitions from ICE to EV. Talk to us today to find out how we can be the perfect partner for your electric drivetrain requirements.



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Mobile trailer facility for in-vehicle, non-invasive (lid-on) state-of-health triage and repair. REVIVE TRIAGE also makes damaged (red) packs safe for onward transport, with the most severely damaged or non-communicative packs being sent for full repair by the Autocraft REVIVE Ambulance.


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REVIVE MOBILE is a mobile facility for full state-of-health triage, testing, repair and remanufacture of packs, with world-leading safety systems.


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Fixed facility at a strategic location of your choice, run by Autocraft Staff. REVIVE WORKSHOP is for full triage, testing, repair and remanufacture of battery packs.


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REVIVE E-MOTORS is the repair and remanufacture of Electric Drive Units (EDU/RDU/ERAD) at the fraction of the monetary and environmental cost of fitting a new unit.