REVIVE® E-Motors: Electric Drive Units

Repair and remanufacturing of electric drive units

As the market transitions to EV, we can leverage our extensive automotive repair and remanufacturing capability to offer sustainable, remanufactured solutions for failed Electric Motors (also known as Electric Drive Units (EDU) / Rear Drive Units (RDU) / Electric Rear Axle Drive (ERAD)).

We have a successful track record for remanufacturing high volumes of E-Motors on behalf of OEMs. Not only does this significantly reduce their warranty costs, the environmental benefits of our sustainable repair and servicing processes are also significant. Our approach is the optimal way to unlock the full performance and environmental potential of EV.

Failed cores are brought to our EV Tech Centre in Grantham to undergo cleaning, inspection and preparation for an electro-mechanical remanufacture process, based on our proprietary ‘no-fault-forward’ ARIA (Augmented Reality Interactive Assembly) equipment and software technology, restoring the unit to optimal performance. Once this is complete and the unit is tested and certified, it can then be transported back to the customer.

Autocraft’s E-Motors capabilities:

  • 48v and HV units
  • Dynamic testing, diagnostic, and rectification
  • Board level fault finding
  • Mechanical fault finding
  • NVH analysis
  • Software reflash and updating
  • Recoding
  • Pressure test and leak detection
  • Warranty reporting