ARIA® (Augmented Reality Interactive Assembly) Technology

ARIA® (Augmented Reality Interactive Assembly) Technology

Autocraft has developed its ARIA® (Augmented Reality Interactive Assembly) technology to provide our customers with OEM standard, ‘no-fault-forward’ quality assurance. We have introduced this technology on our own engine assembly and remanufacture lines, E-motor remanufacture and also our REVIVE® EV battery repair centres.

ARIA® can help to asssemble ANYTHING where you require the flexibility of a human, but the repeatability of a machine!

With its unique mix of camera systems, DC tooling and preprogrammed processes, ARIA® guides the operator through the assembly journey. Steps must be completed in the correct sequence and all critical torques and processes are recorded in the Cloud database to provide a ‘DNA’ of each component assembled for full quality traceability.

DC tooling checks depth and angle of all fixings, and stops the process if a failure occurs. Cameras and projection lights indicate to the operator which parts to take from the kitting boxes, and if any incorrect parts are lifted, ARIA®  stops the build process until it is corrected.

ARIA® enables you to assemble multiple different components, in batches of 1, as ARIA™ loads the correct program for each component and indicates the correct tooling to use at each stage with no changeover time.

Through our experienced toolroom Vertex Engineering Solutions in Birmingham, we are now able to offer ARIA® to selected customers requiring automated, guided and error-proof assembly and test solutions in their own manufacturing facilities. Talk to us today and let us show you how ARIA® can take your product quality to the next level.