Autocraft has an extensive machining capability for new Powertrain and EV components. Autocraft Machining Solutions is our 7,000 sqm facility in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire which can supply you with the following:

  • Cylinder blocks and cylinder heads (including head assembly)
  • Bearing caps
  • Intake & exhaust manifolds
  • Front covers
  • Oil pumps & oil pans
  • Cam covers
  • Con rods (not fracture split)
  • EV components for the battery pack, eMotor and chassis

.… the list is extensive!

Autocraft is a cylinder head and block specialist. Our detailed knowledge and years of experience machining engine blocks and cylinder heads has led to Autocraft becoming an expert in machining these components from raw castings. Our cylinder heads and blocks are sold to other engine assemblers and OEMs as well as being used in our own engine production. Typical cylinder head and block volumes range from 200 to 10,000 per annum. Component volumes can be significantly higher than this where we install dedicated customer machining cells to suit a specific project requirement.

Autocraft can act as your Tier 1 by sourcing and project managing the sub suppliers such as Foundries / Forgers / BOP providers. Our assembly capability ensures that we deliver a finished and assembled product – no need to source assembly separately.

We specialise in difficult parts that require tight tolerances, and are experienced in machining high integrity castings. Our production engineers deliver optimal process design, and our talented team of operators provide top quality components, every time.

We provide flexible batch manufacture aimed at volumes of 500 to 25,000 PA. Our machined product portfolio is an important growing part of our business.