Cylinder Heads and Blocks


The driving force behind the engine

We believe we understand the 5 Cs of an engine better than anyone. Our long history of both machining cylinder heads and cylinder blocks from raw castings, or re-machining for our remanufacturing process means that we understand exactly the tight tolerances and quality standards you need to make a quality engine. These complex components make up a large percentage the value of the engine and getting a quality head and block, right first time at a great price is absolutely necessary for your business.


Head and block machining solutions

We offer a complete engineering service for your cylinder head and block machining needs. Our large portfolio of HELLER, GROB and MATSUURA 3-, 4- & 5-axis horizontal machining centres are ready to machine your cylinder heads and blocks for a range of engines, from 3 to 6 cylinder inline and V6 to V12 configurations for automotive and off-highway applications.


Need parts quickly?

We currently have the capacity for your contract. Our specialist head and block machining engineers are ready for your call.