Machined Component Capability


… But we’re not just head and block specialists. If you need it, we can machine it!

Our machining capability spans many different types of components and across different industries. At Autocraft Machining Solutions in Wellingborough we currently machine parts for the automotive, aviation, marine and general industry. Autocraft Machining Solutions has an extensive machining capability for new Powertrain & EV components.

Our machine tools have a variety of high speed and high torque spindles to match your application. We have BT, ISO and HSK capability across our group of companies, and also have an array of zero-point fixturing waiting to hold your parts, quickly and accurately.

We specialise in difficult parts that require tight tolerances, and are experienced in machining high integrity castings and from solid.



  • Cylinder blocks and cylinder heads (including head assembly)
  • Transmission casings
  • Bearing caps
  • Intake and exhaust manifolds
  • Front covers
  • Oil pumps and oil pans
  • Cam covers
  • Con rods (not fracture split)


EV machined components

Battery pack

  • Battery charger housing
  • Burst disc housing
  • Machined aluminium extruded casing components
  • BMS housing
  • BMS cover
  • BECM housing
  • BECM cover
  • Junction box housing
  • Inverter housing
  • DC/DC housing
  • HV module contactor housing
  • HV junction box
  • Pack mounting brackets
  • Heat sinks
  • Cooling components



  • Motor end casings
  • Motor main casing
  • Connector housing
  • Connector cover
  • Transmission housing
  • Transmission cover
  • Seal housing



  • Mounting frame
  • Sub frame
  • Cross member