Special Purpose Machinery & ARIA® Systems


Since 2015, Vertex Engineering Solutions, a traditional toolmaker, has transformed into a technology and solution provider at the cutting edge of digital manufacturing.

The ability to quickly design and manufacture our  Special Purpose Machinery and ARIA® assembly systems is one of the main the drivers of our growth and success of Autocraft Solutions Group. Back in 2015, as part of our our ‘Vision 2020’ strategic planning, it was identified that in order for Autocraft to grow, become more flexible and have higher quality, we needed to be able to develop digital manufacturing solutions with much higher levels of traceability to set us apart from our competitors.

Unable to source the technology we needed at a competitive cost, we decided to do it ourselves! Vertex has become our Group’s Centre of Excellence for the in-house manufacture of Special Purpose Machinery. Vertex has also expanded into the production of our ARIA® (Augmented Reality Interactive Assembly) for selected customers in a variety of industries.

We offer the design and manufacture of bespoke assembly and test systems, so you can quickly benefit from our years of in-house learning and development. Whether it’s highly accurate and fast assembly equipment to ensure each fastening is tightened correctly, pressure test equipment to check for leaks or laser etching for full traceability, Vertex can design, manufacture and fully program the equipment to your exact specification.