ARIA® Systems from Vertex

ARIA® Assembly Systems from Vertex

ARIA® can help you assemble anything — ideal when you need the flexibility of a human, but the repeatability of a machine. With its unique mix of camera systems, DC tooling and preprogrammed processes, ARIA® guides the operator through the assembly journey. Steps must be completed in the correct sequence and all critical torques and processes are recorded in the Cloud database to provide a ‘DNA’ of each component assembled for full quality traceability.

DC tooling checks depth and angle of all fixings, and stops the process if a failure occurs. Cameras and projection lights indicate to the operator which parts to take from the kitting boxes, and if any incorrect parts are lifted, ARIA® stops the build process until it is corrected. ARIA® enables you to assemble multiple different components, in batches of 1, as ARIA® loads the correct program for each component and indicates the correct tooling to use at each stage with no changeover time.


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The full version of ARIA® for larger components, with full control of the camera, and the ability to project light onto specific components, wireless DC tooling and kitting process.

ARIA® is perfect for components with a high number of highly critical assembly operations.



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Smaller stations for more intricate components feed main ARIA® assembly stations, ensuring traceability of sub-assemblies throughout the build. ARIA® Sub-Assembly contains the same cameras, light projection systems and wireless tooling as the full ARIA® Assembly system. The ARIA® Sub-Assembly has a more compact footprint that makes the most of your factory space.


An economical solution for components with less critical operations, but still requiring sequence process control to eliminate human-error. Ideal for assemblies where camera control or light projection is not required, but with the reassurance of our ARIA® ‘no-fault-forward’ process control. Wireless DC tooling and cloud control as standard for traceability.