Engineering Services


Autocraft also offers engine auditing and test services for OEMs. We audit newly assembled engines by fully stripping them, measuring every torque, clearance and critical dimension. This provides our customers with independent quality assurance, identifying and rectifying faults before the engine batch reaches the vehicle assembly process.

We also undertake warranty analysis and engine rework on behalf of the OEM. Our 40 years of remanufacturing failed engines puts us in a unique position to identify engine weaknesses and root causes of failure. We recommend changes and improvements to engine design and manufacturing processes to the OEM, for continuous improvement.

Autocraft has recently invested £500,000 in new CMM and measuring equipment to further enhance our class-leading metrology capability. Our new Mitutoyo CMM and roundness testing machines enable us to quickly and accurately measure engine blocks, heads, crankshafts and other engine parts used in our new build, remanufacturing and auditing processes. We also offer a CMM measurement service with specialist metrology support for engine components.

We also work in partnership with the OEM’s product development departments to ensure parts are “designed for reman”. This is effectively designing and proving the remanufacturing specification at design stage, rather than retrospectively when it’s often too late to change. “Design for reman” leads to a higher recovery of parts during the reman process, resulting in a greener, more cost-effective product, with a much lower carbon footprint.