Engine Remanufacturing


Autocraft offers a complete engineering and remanufacturing service including feasibility studies, defining the reman specification, ongoing product development, engine validation and warranty. Autocraft works in partnership with OEMs when they design new engines with end-of-life “Design for Reman” in mind. We support the OEM from initial engine design through prototype phases into serial production.

We assist the engine designers by transferring our knowledge of historical engine failures to improve their product quality. The experience we gain during the design and serial production phases allows us to develop remanufacturing solutions for our customers that make our reman engines better than new.

We support our customers for up to 20 years after serial engine production has ended. To date, we have remanufactured over 1,000,000 engines!


Autocraft remanufactures:

  • 3 to 6 cylinder inline, and V6 to V12 engine configurations
  • Gasoline, diesel and hybrid system engines
  • Automotive, off-highway and aviation applications


How do we do it?

Strip Core Engines > Clean & Inspect > Rework Salvaged Components > Inject New Parts > Assemble and Test

  • The core (failed) engine is received and dismantled completely. Components are cleaned, inspected, remachined or replaced (depending on the agreed specification) and quality checked.
  • Autocraft utilises up to 85% of the core engine, through intelligent reclaim techniques. We are continuously improving our flexible remanufacturing processes which are matched to customers’ volumes.
  • To ensure optimum quality, some parts are injected into the remanufactured unit as new. All critical fastenings, gaskets, seals, pistons and bearings are always replaced.
  • At our Grantham site, we have extensive on-site core management and storage, meaning we can provide you with a total solution for your remanufactured engine requirements.


Why do we do it?

The environmental benefits of a remanfactured engine over a new engine are immense! For example, for a typical 4 cylinder inline engine:

  • Up to 83.4% of the engine is reclaimed and remanufactured
  • More than 617kg of CO2 is saved (around 90%) compared with a new engine
  • We save more than 1680 litres of water compared with manufacturing a new engine
  • We recycle 98.97% of the residual components that cannot be reused –  that means only 1.03% goes to landfill!