EV Battery Testing & Repair Expertise

The most advanced EV battery testing capability on the market

Our solution provides the most comprehensive picture of battery health on the market, using proprietary software developed in collaboration with world-class academic institutions.

Unlike other widely used testing methodologies, we can pinpoint the root cause of failures at a cellular level. Moreover, our method is the only one that can be deployed on an industrial scale. As EV ownership and the potential for faults continue to grow rapidly, this method will be crucial in meeting OEMs’ speed and scale requirements.

As an early entrant to the EV market, we have already gathered extensive data from high volumes of EV battery repairs and servicing. Our use of digital twins harnesses this data to predict where future faults are likely to occur. Best of all, the accuracy of our predictive capability will only continue to improve as we gather more data.


Advanced EV battery repair processes informed by decades of automotive experience

Our patented ARIA (Augmented Reality Interactive Assembly) approach combines the power of technology and human capability using cameras, projectors, and wireless tools. Benefits include:

  • Outstanding process control, guiding operatives through each step with safe working protocols
  • Consistent, repeatable, and “no-fault-forward” production
  • Elimination of human error, massively increasing productivity and quality gains compared to traditional assembly techniques

All processes are recorded and stored via the cloud for complete transparency and traceability. The simplicity of this approach means that anybody can be trained to use the system within a matter of weeks, to accommodate growing scale requirements.


Sustainable EV battery servicing and repair

The environmental cost of producing vehicles means that we have a duty to maximise their longevity using every means at our disposal.

It takes up to 88,000 km of usage to “break-even” on the carbon emissions generated in new EV production, compared to an equivalent ICE vehicle. To reap the full environmental benefits of the technology, EV batteries must remain in use far beyond this point.

Autocraft EV Solutions’ approach builds on the idea of ‘sustainability through longevity’.​ Using our unique patented processes to pinpoint battery faults at a cellular level, we can target the affected area by swapping faulty modules with ‘healthy’ ones.

This approach allows us to prevent further spread and restore optimal performance at a fraction of the environmental cost. Data shows that replacing faulty EV battery modules with existing modules is 55% better for the environment than recycling, in terms of using fewer materials and resources, and generating less waste. The environmental benefits compared to producing new EV batteries are even greater still. ​

On the road to circularity, it is imperative that the automotive industry embraces a ‘repair-first’ mindset to extract the full value from each and every EV battery before considering repurposing and recycling.