REVIVE® Mobile: EV Battery Service Centres

Expandable and highly mobile facilities for the triage, repair, and remanufacture of EV battery packs

Our REVIVE® Mobile EV Battery Service Centre can be deployed directly to OEM manufacturing sites or wherever there is most demand, repairing up to 2,000 battery packs a year. By bringing our full EV battery diagnostics and repair expertise directly to customers, we reduce the environmental impact and logistical hurdles associated with the long-distance transportation of large volumes of EV batteries. Each 30ft ISO footprint expandable container is equipped with our full range of technologies and processes, and can be operated from any location. These can be installed individually or in groups, making them ideal for OEM customers with significant volumes of failed EV battery packs.

Learn more about the European launch earlier this year of our unique REVIVE® Mobile EV Battery Service Centre


Each REVIVE® Mobile EV Battery Service Centre provides the following:

  • Pack integrity safety checks using our patented State-of-Health (SoH) test equipment
  • Fault identification and repair planning
  • Pack discharge and disassembly
  • Module replacement and pack re-assembly
  • Pack charge/discharge and SoH testing to confirm the pack is ready for use and can be returned to the vehicle


Safety is one of Autocraft REVIVE® Mobile’s priorities

REVIVE® Mobile EV Battery Service Centres can be staffed either by Autocraft technicians or your own team.  We are committed to achieving the highest safety standards and have designed our REVIVE® Mobile EV Batery Service Centres with a variety of features to ensure the safety of technicians, at all times.  These include:

  • Camera guided processes for no-fault-forward production
  • Interlocked RFID tools which record every stage of the process
  • PPE identification
  • LIDAR controls that stop the process if a person enters a red-zone
  • Eject functions for the automatic removal and isolation of any packs experiencing an abnormal or thermal event
  • Early detection and fire suppression systems to minimise damage to the REVIVE® Mobile container and persons inside


A solution for sustainable charging

REVIVE® Mobile comes with an off-grid capability for added flexibility.

Containing two EV battery packs, the off-grid solution is ideal for fast charging in places where an industrial power connection is unavailable. During our mobile triage, the  onboard battery packs store energy from the failed pack’s discharging process. After repair, the pack is fast-charged via energy transfer from the onboard packs so that no energy is wasted.

Solar panels on the top of the containers power an EV battery pack, providing the energy source for testing. Aside from the initial charge required for each pack, REVIVE® Mobile is entirely self-sufficient, ensuring that energy costs and charging time at the repair location are kept to a minimum.