Autocraft’s REVIVE Wows the Crowds at CENEX LCV!


REVIVE MOBILE is an expandable and highly mobile facility for full triage, repair and remanufacture of battery packs:

Capabilities include:

  • Testing, diagnostic analysis, repair and remanufacture of EV battery packs
  • Unique, patented Autocraft advanced testing to establish accurate State-of-Heath to module level, so modules are correctly graded either for re-use in vehicles, 2nd life application or for recycling if no longer viable
  • Enhanced safety controls to protect technicians with camera guided processes and interlocked tools
  • Eject function for the automatic removal and isolation of any packs experiencing an abnormal or thermal event


REVIVE TRIAGE brings Autocraft’s unique test equipment to the electric vehicle or failed pack:

  • Tests EV packs to establish accurate State-of-Health of modules down to cell level
  • State-of-Health (SoH) and State-of-Charge (SoC) testing currently completed in 1 hour
  • Initial analysis, identifies ‘Diagnosis Trouble Codes’ (DTC)
  • Can make damaged ‘red’ packs safe for more cost effective transportation


The Engineering and Commercial teams at Autocraft were thrilled to be able to show visitors to the recent CENEX / Low Carbon Vehicle (LCV) exhibition the world launch of our new REVIVE TRIAGE and REVIVE MOBILE EV Battery Service Centres.   Located at the Millbrook Proving Ground in Bedfordshire, the annual event held between 7-8 September 2022 hosted a diverse array of exhibitors and visitors from a wide range of sectors.

Autocraft has developed an innovative system called REVIVE for the identification of EV battery faults down to a cell level, combined with diagnostics, repair and optimisation of packs to extend the life of the battery pack through its REVIVE EV Battery Service Centres.

Autocraft’s new REVIVE WORKSHOP EV Battery Service Centre in Grantham, Lincolnshire repairs up to 2,000 battery packs a year for several OE manufacturers. Autocraft also installs and staffs REVIVE WORKSHOP Centres at its customers’ facilities, for permanent on-site EV battery triage, diagnostics, repair and remanufacture. It is now introducing REVIVE MOBILE Repair Centres  which are in a transportable, off-grid, 30ft ISO footprint to bring the expertise to the customer, meaning packs can be tested and repaired on-site, saving time and shipping costs. Modules and cells are tested and graded, with those not meeting the high automotive State-of-Heath (SoH) requirements re-used in second life applications, and cells or modules are only sent to its recycling partners if no longer viable.

The REVIVE EV Battery service solution has numerous built-in safety systems deployed within its semi-automated, no-fault-forward process. Its virtual reality technology projects instructions onto the precise areas of the pack to be worked on.  Each process undertaken is recorded in the cloud for full traceability. Comprehensive safety systems track the tools through RFID ensuring that every tool is used in the correct sequence and returned to its secure storage location. Camera based systems monitor whether the Technician is wearing the correct PPE, and LIDAR ensures the Technician stays with the safe areas, shutting down all the electrical systems until this is the case.

To be launched in the UK and Europe in 2023, Autocraft’s REVIVE® TRIAGE facilities are on-the-road vans with triage equipment and on-board diagnostics for non-invasive testing and in-vehicle repair of packs. These facilities can make safe damaged ‘red’ packs for safer and cheaper transport to a REVIVE® centre for repair.

Autocraft’s Executive Director Mike Hague-Morgan comments “With many EV manufacturers offering mileage or time-limited warranties on their EV battery packs, it’s understandable that the consumer will be nervous about purchasing a previously owned EV with little life left on the warranty given the cost of the replacement of the battery pack should it fail. Autocraft’s REVIVE solution means that both manufacturers and after-market service providers can offer confidence to consumers that any in-warranty or out-of-warranty failures can be quickly identified and fixed without the need for a replacement battery pack, by fixing any electrical faults, and returning the performance of the pack back to at least the level of its expected degradation for the age of the vehicle.”

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