Our REVIVE WORKSHOP EV Battery Service Centres can be set up at strategic locations of your choice, to maximise EV battery repair throughput.  Failed modules are either remanufactured by us for use in other EV battery packs, sent to our 2nd Life partners for use in non-automotive applications such as power storage, with only the modules no longer viable sent to our recycling partners for the raw materials to be reclaimed.

Autocraft can install the full REVIVE™ system at your premises:

  • Supplied for your company to operate on a 3 or 5 year rental basis with online support from our UK Tech Centre
  • Staffed by either Autocraft Technicians or your own team
  • Ideal for customers requiring higher volume processing of EV battery packs
  • Capacity of 6 packs per day per work station
  • In build and patented safety systems including the automatic ejection of battery packs and modules experiencing thermal events to protect your staff and your facility

Workstations can be installed individually or in a modular solution, perfect for customers dealing with significant volumes of failed EV battery packs from a range of vehicle manufacturers.