We have designed our EV capability to be a global solution to avoid sometimes costly and difficult return logistics for failed packs. Our technologies and processes are built into our REVIVE MOBILE EV Battery Repair Centres inside a 30ft ISO footprint expandable container for ultimate portability. Our REVIVE MOBILE Centres can be located to give global coverage at a local level perfect for locating at super-dealerships, garage networks and at facilities such as Vehicle Recycling Centres to safely test and discharge packs before dismantling for recycling. These can be installed individually or in a modular solution, ideal for customers dealing with significant volumes of failed EV battery packs from a range of vehicle manufacturers.

Each REVIVE MOBILE EV Battery Service Centre has the capability to fully repair EV battery packs including:

  • Pack integrity safety check using our patented State-of Health (SoH) test equipment
  • Fault identification & repair planning
  • Pack discharge and disassembly
  • Module replacement and pack re-assembly
  • Pack charge / discharge and SoH testing confirming the pack is ready for use and can be returned to the vehicle

REVIVE MOBILE Service Centres can be staffed either Autocraft Technicians or your own team.  We are passionate about achieving the highest safety standards and have designed a number of safety features into the REVIVE MOBILE Service Centres to keep your staff and your investment safe.  These include:

  • Camera guided processes for no-fault-forward production
  • Interlocked RFID tools recording every stage of the process
  • PPE identification to ensure technicians are safe
  • LIDAR controls which stop the process if a person enters a red-zone
  • Eject functions for the automatic removal and isolation of any packs experiencing an abnormal or thermal event
  • Early detection and fire suppression systems to minimise damage to the REVIVE MOBILE container and persons inside


We offer an off-grid option for enhance environmental sustainability, providing a very cost-effective repair solution. Containing 2 EV battery packs, the off-grid solution is ideal for fast charging in places where an industrial power connection is not available. During our mobile triage, our on-board battery packs store energy from the discharging process of the failed pack. After repair, the pack is then fast-charged via energy transfer from the on-board packs. In our optional off-grid containerised solution, solar panels on the top of the containers power an EV battery pack, which powers the test. So the only charge you need is the initial charge of the battery packs, after which it aims to be self sufficient keeping down the energy costs and charging time down at the repair location.


Looking forward we see our 5R solution being instrumental in helping consumers adopt EVs faster because it will give them reassurance over the future cost of ownership. It will revolutionise both EV and hybrid ownership by giving confidence to owners that failures of their battery packs out-of-warranty will no longer lead to writing-off of an otherwise perfectly good vehicle, when they no longer have the security of the original manufacturers warranty.

Autocraft is uniquely placed for a very bright future as the world transitions from ICE to EV. Talk to us today to find out how we can be the perfect partner for your electric drivetrain requirements.