Making it SUSTAINABLE at ReMaTec 2019

EV (Electric Vehicle) Battery remanufacturing solutions are taking pride of place on the Autocraft Solutions Group (stand 08.430) at ReMaTec 2019 at the RAI in Amsterdam, the world’s largest exhibition for automotive remanufacturing (23-25th June).

Alongside the EV battery sits Autocraft’s State of Health (SoH) testing system, which enables the user to check the health of each cell and grade it to determine its future use for optimal performance and longevity.

Autocraft’s 5R solution is a circular process to minimise environmental impact and maximise the value of the EV battery’s components throughout its life. Our RECOVER – REPAIR – REMANUFACTURE – REUSE – RECYCLE process can seen on the stand and Autocraft is demonstrating how we repair and remanufacture the battery packs, with cells not meeting automotive SoH standards being used in 2nd life applications such as solar panel energy storage systems. Only cells that have failed completely are sent to the recycling partners, with the raw materials being extracted and sent to the cell manufacturers for use in new EV battery cells.

Visitors to the stand can also see how Autocraft remanufactures a large portfolio of ICE engines for the major global OEMs in automotive, marine and aviation. Using its extensive “No Fault Forward” assembly solutions, Autocraft replicates OEM quality and processes from their engine plants on a much more responsive and flexible scale, perfect for low to medium volume engine production for customers needing the very highest levels of quality.

Cylinder head and block machining is also a key skill of Autocraft, and its Machining Solutions division in Northamptonshire, UK, can produces thousands of OE quality heads and blocks each year, from both castings and solid. For the global automotive OEMs who wish to avoid costly ATRs, Autocraft Machining Solutions has the answer.

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