It’s Official, Autocraft is WORLD CLASS!

Autocraft Solutions Group has won the “Made in Lincolnshire 2019 World Class” award at the recent event celebrating the variety of goods and services produced across the county.

Managing Director Steve Harris accepted the award on behalf of the company, which was recognised for being a pioneer in Industry 4.0 techniques in both remanufacturing and assembly. This incorporates digital manufacturing techniques such as robotics, augmented reality, camera recognition and digital data capture to provide the highest levels of quality and traceability for our OEM customers.

In the past 4 years, Autocraft has invested in a new facility to produce new and remanufactured V6 and V8 Gasoline Engines for JLR on the same line. This assembly line produces over 5,000 engines per year across 90 different engine part numbers (variants of the same engine family) without requiring any change-overs from one part number to the next.

Co-owner and Commercial Director Mike Hague-Morgan commented: “we are delighted to be recognised by Made in Lincolnshire as World Class. The facility and processes we have invested in heavily over the past few years set a new benchmark for low to medium volume engine assembly. The process is much more efficient and the quality achieved is a step change improvement from our traditional remanufacturing engine assembly. These techniques are being rolled out on many of our other engine lines.

“Previously, assembly faults were usually only identified at the end-of-line test, resulting in the failed engine requiring strip down, analysis and rebuild, and loss of profit margin on the engine. As a result we are now delivering much higher quality and right-first-time standards, and we can replicate OEM engine plant quality but on a much more responsive scale. The net result has been increased customer sales growth and significantly lower re-work and warranty costs for Autocraft.”

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